Mumbling Maestro: Viewers Refuse to Finish Film Over Bradley Cooper’s Performance Flaw

Los Angeles, CA – Viewers of the film “Maestro” are expressing disappointment with Bradley Cooper’s performance, citing difficulties in understanding the dialogue due to the actor’s alleged “incessant mumbling.” Social media has been flooded with complaints about Cooper’s delivery, with many fans expressing frustration and even turning off the movie after just one hour.

One Twitter user wrote, “The mumbling maestro. So dull and so hard to hear the convos when he and his wife are talking over each other and his deep mumble Ugh. Turned off after an hour.” Another viewer tweeted, “Just watched ‘Maestro’ on Netflix. Mixed feelings but wish the diction had been more clear – much mumbling. Trouble is cast and director live with and are familiar with the script but we only get one shot at comprehension. Good performances from Bradley Cooper and Carey Mulligan.”

This criticism of Cooper is not the first controversy surrounding the film. Prior to its release, the actor faced backlash for wearing a prosthetic nose in his portrayal of Leonard Bernstein, with some calling it a form of “Jewface.” Tracy-Ann Oberman, a Jewish actress, stated, “If he needs to wear a prosthetic nose, then that is, to me and many others, the equivalent of Black-Face or Yellow-Face.”

Despite the backlash, the children of Leonard Bernstein have come out in support of Cooper’s performance. They stated that they had witnessed the actor’s commitment to their father’s music and were touched by his dedication. The film “Maestro,” which tells the story of Bernstein and his relationship with Felicia Montealegre Cohn Bernstein, is currently available to stream on Netflix.

In conclusion, viewers of the film “Maestro” have expressed frustration with Bradley Cooper’s performance, citing difficulties in understanding the dialogue due to his alleged mumbling. This criticism, along with previous controversy over Cooper’s use of a prosthetic nose, has sparked debate and divided opinions among audiences. The film continues to receive attention and engage viewers as it garners nominations for various awards.