Must-Watch TV Shows of 2024: Catch up on “Slow Horses,” “Chucky,” and More

Los Angeles, CA – As the new year approaches, television enthusiasts can look forward to a plethora of exciting new shows hitting the small screen in 2024. From highly-anticipated newcomers like “The 3 Body Problem” and “Shōgun” to returning favorites like “House of the Dragon” and “True Detective: Night Country,” there is no shortage of content to dive into.

However, with so many established series entering their fourth or fifth seasons, viewers may find themselves wondering which shows are worth the commitment. That’s where we come in. In this guide, we will help you navigate the upcoming TV landscape by highlighting some of the shows with new seasons in 2024 that are worth catching up on, as well as those that may not be worth the effort.

Let’s start with the obvious choices. Cultural phenomena like “The Boys,” “You,” and “Bridgerton” have captured audiences worldwide and have been massive hits for years. If these shows resonate with your taste, it’s a no-brainer to continue watching. However, for everything else, here are a few shows to keep an eye on:

1. “Girls5eva” – If you enjoy sitcoms with a constant barrage of hilarious and offbeat jokes, this show is for you. With only two previous seasons, each consisting of just 16 episodes, it’s an easy binge-worthy watch. The series has recently moved from Peacock to Netflix, offering more accessibility.

2. “Evil” – From the creators of the acclaimed legal procedural “The Good Wife,” “Evil” takes a unique approach by infusing supernatural elements into the beloved genre. With three previous seasons, it offers a delightful blend of playfulness, scares, and humor that sets it apart from other shows.

3. “Chucky” – This bold and hilarious show fearlessly explores the depths of its canonical universe, with each season offering a new and unexpected setting. Currently in a mid-season break, the series has already ventured from a quiet small town to a Catholic boarding school and is now set in the White House. If you enjoy horror comedy and want something gory and entertaining, “Chucky” is a must-watch.

4. “Slow Horses” – This British spy series, known for its dry humor and gripping narratives, centers around Slough House, a sanctuary for disgraced spies. Led by the unforgettable character of Jackson Lamb, played brilliantly by Gary Oldman, the show offers a fun and watchable experience. With three previous seasons, 2024 presents the perfect opportunity to catch up.

5. “Abbott Elementary” – In a landscape where genuinely funny sitcoms feel scarce, “Abbott Elementary” shines with its heartwarming and comedic portrayal of the everyday lives of teachers in a Philadelphia elementary school. The show boasts a talented cast and a growing roster of exceptional guest stars, ensuring fresh and enjoyable episodes.

6. “All Creatures Great and Small” – Based on James Herriot’s books, this series tells the story of a veterinarian navigating the challenges of his profession in the British countryside during World War II. With its tender and charming approach, the show explores the theme of care, both for animals and the community, making it a hidden gem on PBS.

As 2024 approaches, TV lovers can look forward to a diverse array of shows that cater to various interests and genres. Whether you’re a fan of sitcoms, procedural dramas, horror comedies, or dry British humor, there’s something for everyone. Take the time to catch up on these noteworthy shows and embark on exciting television journeys in the year to come.