NBC Developing Co-Dependents: Liz Astrof Pens Hilarious Comedy Inspired by Sibling Bond

New York, USA – NBC is currently in the development stages of a multi-camera comedy series called “Co-Dependents,” created and executive produced by Liz Astrof, the creator of “Pivoting.” The series, set in a middle-class Long Island town, centers around a brother and sister in their 30s who have yet to fully embrace adulthood, prioritizing their childhood traditions and unwavering commitment to each other over relationships, careers, and even parenthood.

Astrof drew inspiration for the show from her own relationship with her brother, Jeff Astrof, who is also an accomplished comedy writer. The pair has been supportive of each other’s work, with Jeff leaving a comment on a 2017 Deadline article about Liz’s multi-cam comedy landing a pilot commitment at CBS, expressing his pride and encouragement.

Liz Astrof has had a successful career in the comedy realm, serving as consulting producer on her brother’s comedy series “Trial & Error” and “Shining Vale.” She created and acted as showrunner for the Fox comedy series “Pivoting” in 2022. Astrof has collaborated with Dana Honor, executive producer of “Co-Dependents,” in the past, particularly during their time at Kapital Entertainment.

The 2023-24 development cycle has been significantly impacted by the recent strikes, resulting in delays and limited sales. With the networks’ lineups for 2024-25 already partially filled, much of the current development is focused on midseason 2025 and beyond. “Co-Dependents” aligns with NBC’s ongoing emphasis on multi-camera comedies, a trend they began over a year ago.

In addition to her work on “Co-Dependents,” Astrof recently served as executive producer and showrunner for ABC’s 2023 comedy pilot “Public Defenders.” She has previously worked on hit shows like “2 Broke Girls” and “The Conners.” Astrof, who published her book “Don’t Wait Up: Confessions of a Stay-at-Work Mom” in 2029, is represented by CAA.

Overall, “Co-Dependents” showcases Astrof’s comedic talents as she explores sibling dynamics and the enduring bond that can exist between brothers and sisters. Its development exemplifies NBC’s commitment to nurturing multi-camera comedies and continues Astrof’s successful track record in the television industry.