NCIS: Origins Prequel Series to Feature Returning Character in Younger Form – Exclusive

LOS ANGELES – CBS’ upcoming “NCIS” prequel series, titled “NCIS: Origins,” is set to feature another familiar face from the franchise. In addition to exploring the backstory of Mark Harmon’s iconic character, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, and Muse Watson’s late Mike Franks, the new series will introduce the young version of Special Agent Vera Strickland.

According to exclusive information obtained by TVLine, producers of “NCIS: Origins” will cast the role of Special Agent Vera Strickland, originally portrayed by Roma Maffia in a Season 11 episode of “NCIS” titled “Under the Radar”. Strickland was established as Franks’ former partner in that episode.

“NCIS: Origins” will turn back the clock to 1991, when Gibbs is a newly minted special agent at the fledgling NCIS Camp Pendleton office. The series will show how Gibbs becomes the man he is today and delve into his early years on a gritty, ragtag team led by NCIS legend Mike Franks.

Mark Harmon, who played Gibbs for the first 19 seasons of the original “NCIS,” will executive produce the prequel series and return to narrate the story. His son, Sean Harmon, came up with the idea for “NCIS: Origins” and will also serve as an executive producer.

It is worth noting that new actors will be cast to portray Gibbs, Franks, and Strickland in “NCIS: Origins.”

“NCIS: Origins” is set to premiere on CBS next season, and fans can look forward to getting an in-depth look into the early years of these beloved “NCIS” characters.

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