NCT’s Haechan Takes a Break from Performing at NCT 127’s Nagoya Concert Due to Health Concerns

NAGOYA, JAPAN – NCT member Haechan will not be able to perform at NCT 127’s concert tonight due to health concerns. The announcement was made by SM Entertainment on January 7, revealing that Haechan will be sitting out the “NEO CITY: JAPAN – THE UNITY” concert at the Vantelin Dome Nagoya. Additionally, he will not participate in the scheduled meet-and-greet at the venue.

SM Entertainment stated that Haechan was diagnosed with a high fever and flu-like symptoms by a doctor, likely caused by a cold. The agency expressed their apologies for the sudden news and requested fans’ understanding. They emphasized Haechan’s recovery as their top priority, assuring that they will make another announcement regarding his participation in the concert scheduled for January 8 at the Nagoya Dome.

The absence of Haechan, a member of popular K-pop group NCT, is undoubtedly disappointing for fans who had been eagerly looking forward to the concert. While his health condition prevents him from performing, it is expected that NCT 127 will continue their performance as scheduled with the remaining members.

It is not uncommon for artists to face health issues that impact their ability to perform. The demanding nature of their schedules, coupled with the pressure to deliver energetic and engaging performances, can take a toll on their well-being. In these situations, agencies prioritize the health and recovery of their artists, ensuring that they receive the necessary care and rest.

Fans have expressed their concern and support for Haechan’s health, sending well wishes and hoping for his speedy recovery. NCT 127’s fans, known as NCTzens, understand the importance of taking care of their idols’ health above all else.

As the concert approaches, NCT 127 and their agency will closely monitor Haechan’s condition to determine if he will be able to join the performance on January 8. Until then, fans will eagerly wait for the agency’s forthcoming announcement.

In conclusion, NCT member Haechan will not be participating in NCT 127’s concert in Nagoya tonight due to health concerns. SM Entertainment confirmed his absence and expressed their focus on his recovery. Fans and the agency hope for a swift return to health for Haechan, eagerly anticipating his potential participation in the upcoming concert.