Netflix Cuts Support for Apple Vision Pro, Forcing Users to Stream Content via Web Browser

Cupertino, California – Apple’s highly anticipated Vision Pro headset will not have a dedicated Netflix app at launch, according to a report by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. Unlike other streaming services that have announced support for the headset, Netflix reportedly has no plans to develop an app specifically for Apple’s VR device. This decision means that users will have to rely on a web browser to watch Netflix content on the headset.

The absence of a dedicated Netflix app on the Vision Pro will limit users’ ability to enjoy an immersive viewing experience. Instead of accessing content through an app, users will need to use the web browser, which may come with limitations in resolution and the inability to watch content offline. Netflix’s web app also offers varying video quality depending on the browser used.

In response to this news, Netflix spokesperson Kumiko Hidaka stated that members will be able to enjoy Netflix on the Vision Pro through the web browser, similar to how they can do so on Macs. Apple has not yet commented on the report.

Interestingly, there was no mention of Netflix in Apple’s recent announcement that the Vision Pro would launch with 3D movies and experiences from Disney Plus and Apple TV. This omission may make the $3,499 headset less appealing to users who were hoping to use it as a platform for streaming their favorite Netflix shows and movies.

Notably, tech blogger John Gruber revealed that Netflix had a version of its iPad app available for Vision Pro testers which was working “just fine.” However, the decision not to release it to the public seemed to be more politically or strategically motivated rather than due to technical issues.

The absence of a dedicated Netflix app could impact the success of Apple’s Vision Pro headset among users who are looking for a comprehensive VR experience. It remains to be seen whether Netflix will reconsider its decision in the future or if other streaming services will follow a similar path.