Netflix Viewers Rave About New ‘Boy Swallows Universe’ Coming-of-Age Series

Brisbane, Australia – Netflix viewers have been buzzing about a new coming-of-age TV series that premiered this week. In a month that is typically slow for film and TV releases, the 2024 lineup on Netflix is turning heads. Subscribers have already enjoyed new releases such as Kevin Hart’s “Lift,” Daniel Levy’s directorial debut “Good Grief,” and season two of “Break Point.”

For fans of TV and cinema, this month also offers the highly anticipated season eight of “Queer Eye,” crime drama “Griselda,” and “The Kitchen.” However, before diving into these exciting releases, there is another series that deserves attention – a “fantastic” offering set in 1980s suburban Brisbane.

Enter “Boy Swallows Universe,” a captivating seven-part limited series that has garnered rave reviews and sparked buzz on social media. Starring newcomer Felix Cameron as protagonist Eli Bell, the series is based on the semi-autobiographical book by Australian author Trent Dalton. It follows the tumultuous upbringing of the 13-year-old Eli, whose life is marred by his stepfather’s involvement in drug dealing and his mother’s struggles with addiction.

As the story unfolds, Eli navigates the harsh realities of life and becomes entangled in the criminal underworld in an attempt to save his troubled mother. With a compelling synopsis like this, it’s no wonder that viewers have been captivated by this mature project.

Social media has been flooded with positive reactions to “Boy Swallows Universe.” Viewers have praised the series for its stunning acting and gripping storyline that tackles heavy subject matter with grace. Many have expressed their emotional connection to the characters and their range of feelings, from love and pride to fear and laughter.

The critical acclaim matches the audience’s enthusiasm. With an average Tomatometer score of 86% on Rotten Tomatoes and an 8/10 star rating on IMDb, “Boy Swallows Universe” is receiving widespread recognition for its quality and impact.

What makes “Boy Swallows Universe” even more intriguing is the fact that it is loosely based on the author’s own childhood. Trent Dalton shared that the experiences depicted in the series resonate closely with his own life, particularly his mother’s struggles. In an interview, he revealed that his mother, like the character Frankie Bell in the series, had been away for two years.

For those interested in true stories and compelling dramas, “Boy Swallows Universe” is now available for streaming on Netflix. With its powerful performances and relatable narrative, it’s definitely worth adding to your watchlist.

In summary, “Boy Swallows Universe,” a new coming-of-age TV series set in 1980s Brisbane, has generated excitement among Netflix viewers. Based on the semi-autobiographical book by Trent Dalton, the series follows the story of Eli Bell as he navigates the challenges of his upbringing. Praise from both viewers and critics has made “Boy Swallows Universe” a must-watch, thanks to its exceptional acting and emotional storytelling. Now streaming on Netflix, it offers a captivating and relatable experience for audiences.