New Ridge and Thorne rivalry ignites on Bold & Beautiful with modern-day twist

LOS ANGELES – The long-standing rivalry between the Forrester brothers on the soap opera “Bold & Beautiful” is about to be revived in a modern twist. The show is introducing a “new” Ridge and Thorne, igniting memories of their fierce competition not only in the workplace at Forrester Creations but also in their personal lives. Brothers Ridge and Thorne fought over women and vied for their parents’ favor, often resulting in physical fistfights.

In the heyday of their rivalry, Ridge and Thorne even married the same women, Caroline Spencer and Brooke, and Thorne was engaged to Taylor on multiple occasions. At work, Thorne constantly felt overlooked in favor of Ridge, and it was well known that Ridge was their mother Stephanie’s favorite. Although the rivalry is mostly in the past, tensions recently resurfaced when Eric, the brothers’ father, was hospitalized, and Thorne confronted Ridge, who had been tasked with making decisions on their father’s behalf.

Now, “Bold & Beautiful” is passing the baton to a new generation of Forresters. Spoiler alert: Zende is plotting to pursue R.J.’s girlfriend, Luna, behind his cousin’s back. Zende and R.J. are shaping up to be the next Ridge and Thorne, and their rivalry will reach new heights. Like Thorne, Zende also felt the sting of favoritism at Forrester Creations, as R.J. was chosen to work on Eric’s collection and assist Ridge when their grandfather was battling for his life. Zende’s office, though not literally in the basement like Thorne’s, feels like it figuratively.

Caught in the middle is Luna, Forrester’s newest intern and R.J.’s girlfriend. After exchanging their first “I love yous,” Luna becomes the object of Zende’s calculated plan to win her over. Starting from today’s episode, viewers can expect Zende to set up a romantic surprise for Luna, while R.J. will be furious when he finds out.

The next generation of the Forrester rivalry is underway on “Bold & Beautiful.” The show continues to captivate audiences with its dramatic love triangles and intense competition between family members. Fans can weigh in on this new rivalry in the comments section and explore the Forrester family photo album.

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