Nicole Kidman Exposes Hollywood’s Height Bias and Secrets to Landing Auditions

Los Angeles, CA – Actress Nicole Kidman recently revealed that she used to lie about her height in order to secure auditions early in her career. Despite being told that she was “too tall” for Hollywood, the 5-foot-11 inch Kidman would tell casting directors that she was 5-feet 10-and-a-half inches. Kidman shared her experience of being teased and called “Stalky,” and how people would make comments about her height, on the Radio Times Podcast.

Kidman disclosed that she was often told that her height would prevent her from having a successful career in Tinseltown. However, she now receives comments about being taller than expected or men struggling to determine how high her heels should be. The actress even joked about being sent shoes with high heels on the red carpet, expressing a desire for kitten heels instead.

Although Kidman mentioned that her height sometimes bothers her when she is acting and causes discomfort in her knees, she continues to thrive in her career. Nevertheless, her tall stature did result in her missing out on a few roles, including a part in the hit musical “Annie.” Despite being two inches taller than the height cut-off, Kidman pleaded with casting directors for an opportunity to audition, but she did not get the part.

Beyond her personal experiences, Kidman emphasized the importance of teaching her daughters about the “superpower” of courage and resilience. The Oscar-winning actress also expressed her gratitude for being healthy and walking around, highlighting the significance of how individuals respond to rejection and acceptance from others.

Nicole Kidman, who shares two adopted children with ex-husband Tom Cruise and two teen daughters with husband Keith Urban, has faced challenges in her career due to her height. However, she has persevered and continues to make her mark in Hollywood.

In conclusion, Nicole Kidman’s recent revelation about lying about her height to secure auditions sheds light on the pressures faced by actors in the industry. Despite being told she was “too tall,” Kidman’s resilience and determination have allowed her to overcome obstacles and excel in her career.