Night Swim Makes a Splash at the Box Office with $11.5M, Surpasses Expectations

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Warner Bros’ film “Wonka” is expected to dominate the box office for its third consecutive weekend, with an estimated $12 million in ticket sales. The film, starring Timothee Chalamet, may even surpass this projection if Saturday matinee showings perform well. “Wonka” is currently playing in 3,817 theaters and is projected to earn $3.8 million on Friday, a 56% decrease from the previous week.

Meanwhile, Blumhouse and Atomic Monster’s first film since their merger, “Night Swim,” has earned $11.5 million to secure second place at the box office. The horror film had a Friday opening of $4.7 million, which includes previews, and is playing in 3,250 theaters. Although “Night Swim” is expected to perform adequately financially, its numbers pale in comparison to previous horror films released in early January, such as 2019’s “Escape Room” that grossed $18.2 million.

Despite the solid financial showing, “Night Swim” has received mixed feedback on social media, with fans expressing disappointment in the film’s underwhelming performance. The movie’s social media reach is significantly lower than other horror films, such as “Five Nights at Freddy’s” and “M3GAN.” The lack of a strong online presence may have affected the film’s marketing efforts.

In third place, Illumination/ Universal’s “Migration” is projected to earn $10.7 million in its third weekend, bringing its total earnings to $78.2 million. “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” from Warner Bros/ DC is expected to approach $100 million in ticket sales, earning $10 million in its third weekend. Sony’s “Anyone But You,” playing in 3,055 theaters, has seen a notable 9% increase in ticket sales, with a total of $43.7 million through its third weekend.

Other films in the box office top six include Amazon MGM’s “The Boys in the Boat,” which has earned $33.1 million in 14 days, and “The Color Purple” from Warner Bros. The former had a Friday opening of $1.5 million while the latter earned $820,000 on Thursday.

In conclusion, “Wonka” continues to dominate the box office, with “Night Swim” and “Migration” following closely behind. Despite mixed reviews, “Night Swim” has still managed to perform solidly financially, while “Wonka” is on track to become Timothee Chalamet’s highest-grossing solo film in the United States.