NTR’s Global Stardom at Risk with ‘Devara Part 1’? Uncertainty Surrounds Telugu Star’s Market Value in the United States

Hyderabad, India – The global stardom of Telugu stars NTR and Ram Charan has been brought into question following the success of their recent film “RRR.” While the movie grossed an impressive $14.3 million in North America, it is often perceived more as a creation of director Rajamouli rather than a testament to the individual stardom of NTR and Ram Charan. As a result, uncertainty surrounds the true extent of these actors’ overseas market.

NTR’s film “Aravinda Sametha” holds the distinction of being his second-highest grosser, collecting around $2.1 million. This raises an important inquiry for distributors and producers – what is NTR’s actual market value in the United States? The answer to this question may only become clear with the outcome of his upcoming film “Devara Part 1.”

Distributors, however, seem to be exercising caution when it comes to the overseas rights of “Devara.” They are hesitating to offer more than Rs 22 crore for these rights. This perceived risk is due to director Koratala Siva’s previous film being a flop, which raises doubts about the potential success of “Devara.” With the film seemingly relying heavily on NTR’s star power rather than the director’s reputation, distributors are approaching the project with caution.

On the other hand, NTR believes that the producers should not settle for less than Rs 30 crore for the overseas rights of “Devara.” If no distributor steps forward to meet this demand, NTR is open to the idea of retaining the rights and planning a self-release through experienced distribution companies like Yash Raj Films.

The outcome of “Devara Part 1” will prove to be crucial in determining the market value of NTR in the United States. As distributors and producers wait in anticipation, the future of NTR’s overseas market hangs in the balance. Whether his individual stardom can overshadow the collaborative success of “RRR” remains to be seen. All eyes are now on the forthcoming film to see how it will impact NTR’s global appeal.