Oliver Stone Apologizes for ‘Barbie’ Comments, Praises Film’s Originality and Impact

LONDON, UK – Acclaimed director Oliver Stone has recently addressed controversial remarks he made about the film “Barbie” last year. Stone, known for his critically acclaimed movie “Savages,” clarified that his comments were made prior to the film’s release and during the promotion of his documentary “Nuclear Now.”

Stone took to the social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, to explain that at the time of his remarks, he had limited knowledge about the project beyond its title. However, he has since had the opportunity to watch “Barbie” in theaters and acknowledged its originality and thematic elements.

Apologizing for his previous ignorant statement, Stone commended filmmaker Greta Gerwig’s approach in “Barbie,” which apparently differed from his initial expectations. He even mentioned that Gerwig’s 2017 film “Ladybird” was among his favorites from that year. Stone recognized the impact of “Barbie” on the film industry, noting that its success at the box office lifted morale within the business. He extended his well wishes to Gerwig and the entire “Barbie” team for the upcoming Oscars.

Stone’s controversial comments about “Barbie” trace back to an interview with City A.M. in June 2023, several weeks before the movie, starring Margot Robbie, hit the theaters. In the interview, Stone appeared to criticize the film, suggesting that Ryan Gosling, one of the actors involved, should focus on more serious projects rather than participating in the perceived “infantilization of Hollywood” prevalent in fantasy movies and war films.

Stone’s recent clarification seeks to put his previous comments into context, emphasizing that they were made without enough information about the film itself. With his endorsement of “Barbie” and appreciation for its originality, Stone hopes to rectify the impression left by his earlier words.

As the debate surrounding the film continues, Stone’s reevaluation adds a fresh perspective. His acknowledgment of the film’s merits may encourage other viewers to approach “Barbie” with an open mind, appreciating it for its unique qualities and the impact it has had on the industry.