Oliver Stone Clears Up Controversial Barbie Remarks, Apologizes for Speaking Ignorantly

Los Angeles, CA – Award-winning director Oliver Stone recently addressed his previous comments about the film “Barbie” and clarified his perspective. Stone made the remarks while promoting his documentary “Nuclear Now” before the release of the Margot Robbie-starring film. He stated that at the time, he had limited knowledge of the project and was focused on promoting his own work.

Stone acknowledged that he had the opportunity to watch “Barbie” in theaters and appreciated its originality and themes. He admitted that the filmmakers’ approach was different from what he had expected, and he apologized for speaking ignorantly. The director went on to express his admiration for Greta Gerwig’s 2017 film “Ladybird,” adding that it was one of his favorites from that year.

Furthermore, Stone recognized the positive impact that “Barbie” had on the entertainment industry. He noted that its box office success contributed to boosting the morale within the business. He concluded by wishing Greta and the entire “Barbie” team good fortune at the Oscars.

Stone’s initial comments about “Barbie” were made during an interview with City A.M. in June 2023. In the interview, Stone seemed critical of the film and suggested that Ryan Gosling should pursue more serious projects instead of being a part of the “infantilization of Hollywood.”

With his recent clarification, Stone has provided a more nuanced perspective on “Barbie.” He praised the film for its originality and acknowledged its impact on the industry. The director’s statement serves as a reminder that opinions can evolve after experiencing the final product firsthand.

While Stone’s comments initially sparked debate, his subsequent apology and appreciation for “Barbie” demonstrate his willingness to acknowledge his own misconceptions. This highlights the importance of giving films a fair chance before forming judgments based solely on preconceived notions or limited information.