Oprah Winfrey Sets the Record Straight on Taraji P. Henson Comments and Alleged Tension

Los Angeles, California – Oprah Winfrey has addressed recent remarks made by Taraji P. Henson, star of The Color Purple, in an effort to clarify any misunderstandings. Henson had been discussing the challenges she faced as a female actor in Hollywood, including pay disparity and fighting for transportation to the set of the musical. This led to questions on social media about Winfrey’s role in supporting Henson.

During an interview at the Golden Globes with Entertainment Tonight, Winfrey clarified her support for Henson and the film. She explained that she has been a vocal champion for the production, both behind the scenes and in providing whatever the cast and crew needed. While she doesn’t have control over the budget, as a producer, she tries to solve any problems that arise, such as issues with transportation or food.

Winfrey emphasized her belief in empowering individuals to reach their own potential, stating, “I am all for everybody being the greatest and meeting the rising of their own life.” She also addressed rumors of tension between herself and Henson during a photo call, attributing any perceived distance to the cold weather that day.

In a video statement, Winfrey set the record straight about her support for Henson and the film adaptation of The Color Purple. She expressed no validity to the idea of any conflict between herself and Henson.

Overall, Winfrey clarified her commitment to the success of the film and her support for Henson’s career. She emphasized her dedication to addressing any challenges that arise during production and ensuring the well-being of the cast and crew.

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