Oscar-Nominated Lily Gladstone and High School Class Reunite in Celebration

Pawhuska, Oklahoma – Lily Gladstone, known for her role in the Martin Scorsese-directed film “Killers of the Flower Moon,” is generating buzz as her high school yearbook photo resurfaces. The photo shows a younger Gladstone, along with her classmate Josh Ryder, who were voted “Most Likely to Win an Oscar” by their peers. With Gladstone now earning critical acclaim and an Oscar nomination, Ryder has shared his support and admiration for his former classmate.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Ryder expressed his awe at Gladstone’s accomplishments, stating that she has done extraordinary work and deserves to be recognized for it. The photo has also brought Gladstone and Ryder’s former classmates together, creating excitement among the group.

If Gladstone were to win the Oscar, Ryder believes it would be a storybook ending and predicts that she has the potential to win more awards in the future. Gladstone herself received a text message from her “Killers of the Flower Moon” co-star Leonardo DiCaprio, who shared the high school photo with her. Ryder has also been a source of support during this award season.

Gladstone noted in an interview with USA Today that the photo and her Oscar nomination have brought her entire class back together. They have planned an Oscars watch party in their old high-school theater, showcasing the impact Gladstone’s success has had on her community.

As a Native American actor, Gladstone’s nomination is historic. In an interview with Deadline, she questioned why it took this long for an Indigenous North American actor to receive such recognition, especially considering that many films in these categories are shot on Indigenous land. Gladstone hopes that her success will open doors for more representation and opportunities for Indigenous actors in the industry.

By defying the odds and earning an Oscar nomination, Lily Gladstone has not only achieved her childhood dream but also sparked a sense of pride and unity among her classmates. As they gather to celebrate her achievements, Gladstone’s nomination serves as a significant milestone and a symbol of progress for Indigenous representation in the film industry.