Outrageous: Joe Gorga Ejected from Son Gino’s Wrestling Match After Near Brawl with Referee

PARSIPPANY, N.J. – Reality TV star Joe Gorga was ejected from his 16-year-old son Gino’s wrestling match at Parsippany Hills High School over the weekend after nearly getting into a brawl with the referee. In a video obtained by TMZ, Gorga can be seen launching himself from the bleachers and attempting to confront the referee after his son’s match ended with him being pinned to the floor. School staffers and parents intervened before any physical altercation could occur.

While being led out of the gym, Gorga’s exit was accompanied by the continuous blowing of the referee’s whistle until he was gone. According to a representative for Gorga, he believed that the referee made unfair calls during the match and that Gino’s opponent was mistreating him.

Gorga’s representative clarified that the reality star never intended to harm anyone and that his emotions got the best of him. The representative also mentioned that Gorga is “proud” of how Gino, described as a “class act,” behaved despite the incident.

Gino seemed unaffected by his father’s actions as he posted a carousel of three photos from his wrestling match on Instagram. This was Gino’s first Instagram post in nearly a year.

Gorga’s wife, Melissa Gorga, did not attend the match. The couple later attended Kevin Hart’s premiere for his new Netflix movie, “Lift,” on Monday night.

In conclusion, Joe Gorga was ejected from his son Gino’s wrestling match after attempting to confront the referee. According to Gorga’s representative, he believed that the referee made unfair calls and mistreated Gino’s opponent. Gino, however, remained composed and posted about the match on Instagram. Melissa Gorga did not attend the match but joined her husband at the movie premiere.