Overseas Box Office Target of $1 Million Awaits Hanu-Man Release in Spectacular Break-Even Bid

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – Prasanth Varma’s highly anticipated film, Hanu-Man, may have the lowest budget among this year’s Sankranthi releases, but it is generating significant buzz with its impressive teaser, trailer, and songs. The movie has already secured solid pre-release deals across all regions, making it a potentially profitable venture.

In particular, Hanu-Man has set its sights on the overseas market, with a target of $1 million in order to break even. Currently valued at $500,000, the movie’s distribution in overseas territories is being handled by PrimeShow Entertainment and Nirvana Cinemas. Despite fierce competition, industry insiders predict that Hanu-Man has a strong chance of surpassing the million-dollar mark within its first week.

Starring Teja Sajja and produced by K Niranjan Reddy, Hanu-Man is scheduled for release on the 12th of this month, followed by premieres in various locations. Overseas bookings for the film have already opened, indicating a high level of anticipation among international audiences.

With its visually impressive footage and captivating storyline, Hanu-Man aims to make a significant impact both domestically and internationally. As the movie looks to achieve its ambitious box office goals, fans and industry insiders eagerly await its release, anticipating a successful run as it seeks to conquer the global box office.

In conclusion, Hanu-Man, directed by Prasanth Varma and featuring Teja Sajja, is generating excitement and anticipation as it prepares to hit theaters. With its extensive pre-release business and strong overseas distribution, the film is positioned for success. It remains to be seen whether Hanu-Man can surpass its $1 million target and emerge as a profitable venture, but early signs indicate a promising start.