Pankaj Tripathi’s Candid Views on Nepotism: Talent Shines Regardless of Background

Mumbai, India – Bollywood actor Pankaj Tripathi, known for his exceptional talent and versatility, is currently busy promoting his highly anticipated biopic drama, Main Atal Hoon. In an exclusive interview, Tripathi shared his views on nepotism, a topic that has been widely discussed in the film industry.

When asked about his opinion on nepotism, Tripathi expressed that it exists in every field and should not be limited to the film industry. He emphasized that individuals from various fields should also be interviewed to address the issue properly. Tripathi further stated that talent should always be the determining factor, regardless of one’s background.

In another interview with India Today, Tripathi revealed that his parents are unaware of his popularity and professional achievements. He shared that his mother, during a recent visit, asked if he was too popular because someone had inquired about him. Tripathi explained that his family prefers a simple life and he sees no reason to inform them about his success.

Tripathi is currently portraying the role of former Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee in the film Main Atal Hoon, directed by Ravi Jadhav. The film was released earlier this week and has received positive responses from audiences.

With his talent and dedication, Pankaj Tripathi continues to make a significant impact in Bollywood, showcasing his versatility in various roles.