Panthers Kick off Virtual Interviews for Head Coaching Vacancy, Marking Important Milestone

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The Carolina Panthers have taken a step forward in their search for a new head coach, conducting three virtual interviews for the vacant position. The team announced on Thursday night that they had spoken with three candidates: Todd Monken, offensive coordinator for the Baltimore Ravens, Mike Macdonald, defensive coordinator for the Ravens, and Ejiro Evero, defensive coordinator for the Panthers.

In addition to these virtual interviews, the Panthers also interviewed their interim head coach, Chris Tabor, on Wednesday. However, with the current NFL guidelines, teams can only conduct virtual interviews this week with coaches from non-playoff teams or teams on playoff byes. Interviews with coaches from teams playing this weekend will not begin until next Tuesday or Wednesday.

Mike Macdonald, who is not limited to interviews with the Panthers, also has interview sessions scheduled with the Atlanta Falcons, Tennessee Titans, Washington Commanders, and Los Angeles Chargers. Similarly, Todd Monken is set to talk with the Chargers, while Ejiro Evero will engage in discussions with the Falcons.

It is important to note that no in-person interviews can be scheduled until January 22nd. The Panthers’ diligent approach indicates their dedication to finding the right candidate for the head coaching position, as they explore various options to lead the team forward.

As the Panthers progress in their search for a new head coach, they have recently conducted three virtual interviews with potential candidates. In addition, interim head coach Chris Tabor also had the opportunity to interview for the position. This week, teams are limited to virtual interviews with coaches from non-playoff teams or teams on playoff byes, while in-person interviews are scheduled to begin on January 22nd. With candidates like Todd Monken, Mike Macdonald, and Ejiro Evero in the mix, the Panthers continue to seek a strong leader who can guide the team to success in the upcoming seasons.

The Carolina Panthers have conducted three virtual interviews for the vacant head coaching position. Names like Todd Monken, Mike Macdonald, and Ejiro Evero have emerged as potential candidates. These virtual interviews are part of the team’s effort to find the right leader to take the Panthers to new heights. In-person interviews are not scheduled until January 22nd, but the team remains focused on the task at hand. With several candidates from different teams being considered, including the Atlanta Falcons and Los Angeles Chargers, the Panthers are committed to making a thorough and thoughtful decision.