Paramount Hopes for ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Sequel with Tom Cruise in Talks

HOLLYWOOD, California – Paramount Studios is reportedly considering a sequel to the action blockbuster “Top Gun: Maverick,” with Tom Cruise potentially returning to the danger zone once again. The script for the sequel is being developed by co-writer Ehren Kruger. There are also hopes that Joe Kosinski, the director of “Top Gun: Maverick,” will helm the new installment. The studio is also looking to bring back young co-stars Miles Tiller and Glen Powell for the high-flying adventure. Paramount has not officially commented on the rumors.

This news comes shortly after Tom Cruise announced a non-exclusive deal with Warner Bros. to develop films for the studio. However, the deal does not prevent Cruise from working with other companies like Paramount and Universal. In fact, Cruise is currently working on a costly film that will be shot at the International Space Station. Additionally, Cruise’s company will have offices on Warner Bros.’ Burbank lot.

Paramount Global, the parent company of Paramount Studios, is making waves in the media industry. It appears that Skydance Media, the production company behind “Top Gun: Maverick,” is considering acquiring National Amusements, the holding company that controls Paramount Global.

“Top Gun: Maverick” was a box office success for Paramount, receiving critical acclaim and grossing nearly $1.5 billion. It was even nominated for an Oscar in the Best Picture category. The film marked a long-awaited return for Tom Cruise to the popular franchise. Cruise also leads the “Mission: Impossible” series, which is also produced by Paramount Studios.

In conclusion, Paramount Studios is reportedly working on a sequel to “Top Gun: Maverick,” with Tom Cruise potentially reprising his role. While the studio has not officially confirmed these plans, the success of the first film and Cruise’s involvement in other projects make the possibility of a sequel quite likely.