Park Shin Hye Gives Glimpse of Burnout-Stricken Doctor in Upcoming Rom-Com ‘Doctor Slump’

SEOUL, South Korea – JTBC’s upcoming drama “Doctor Slump” has released a sneak peek of Park Shin Hye ahead of its highly anticipated premiere. The romantic comedy centers around the unexpected reunion of two former rivals who become each other’s support during the darkest phase of their lives. Park Shin Hye will play the role of Nam Ha Neul, an anesthesiologist struggling with burnout syndrome, while Park Hyung Sik stars as Yeo Jung Woo, a successful plastic surgeon whose career is jeopardized by a mysterious medical accident.

Nam Ha Neul’s character is portrayed as a highly intelligent and determined individual who has always focused on her studies. As a doctor, she immerses herself in her work, leaving no time for self-care. However, she eventually realizes the need for change in her monotonous life and decides to break free from it.

The newly released stills from the drama depict Nam Ha Neul during her fellowship at a university hospital, where she dedicates herself to her patients, neglecting her own well-being. Her exhausted expression in the images highlights the toll her repetitive and demanding lifestyle has taken on her.

One of the stills shows Nam Ha Neul walking the streets in her scrubs, with tears in her eyes. Another image captures her in an unfamiliar location, visibly anxious and conflicted. These glimpses into her life spark curiosity among viewers, raising questions about the events that led to her decision to slow down her fast-paced life.

Park Shin Hye, in a recent statement, revealed her personal connection to the character, stating that anyone can experience a slump in life. She emphasized her intention to provide viewers with a healing experience through this drama, diverging from the thriller and mystery genres she has previously explored.

The actress also shared her research process for the role, including speaking with a psychiatrist who helped her understand that depression does not necessarily result in constant listlessness. Instead, it involves a range of emotions and temporary difficulties in finding ways to overcome challenges. Park Shin Hye aimed to portray this aspect of her character, illustrating Ha Neul’s journey from listlessness and anxiety to healing through the support of her family and Yeo Jung Woo.

“Doctor Slump” is set to premiere on January 27th at 10:30 p.m. KST. The drama promises to deliver a heartwarming story of personal growth and the power of human connection amidst life’s trials.

[Restate key facts: “Doctor Slump” is a JTBC romantic comedy starring Park Shin Hye and Park Hyung Sik. The drama follows the story of two former rivals who become each other’s support during difficult times. Park Shin Hye plays the role of an anesthesiologist experiencing burnout syndrome, while Park Hyung Sik portrays a plastic surgeon facing a career-threatening medical accident. The drama will premiere on January 27th at 10:30 p.m. KST.]