Patrick Mahomes’ Dad Hopes for Separate Suite to Avoid Sitting with Taylor Swift at Chiefs Game

Kansas City, Missouri – Pat Mahomes Sr., father of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, expressed his desire to watch the upcoming game against the Baltimore Ravens in peace. While he had positive things to say about pop star Taylor Swift in a recent interview, he admitted that he would prefer to sit in a separate suite during Sunday’s AFC Championship matchup.

During an interview on the “Evan & Tiki” WFAN Sports Radio show, Mahomes Sr. was asked if he would sit with Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce’s loved ones, including his girlfriend Taylor Swift and his brother Jason Kelce. Reluctantly, Mahomes Sr. replied, “I hope not.” He explained that Travis and Patrick usually have their own separate spaces, but if Swift wants her own suite, she certainly has the means to acquire one.

The former MLB star clarified that he did not sit in the same suite as Swift and Jason during last weekend’s victorious game against the Buffalo Bills. However, he did visit their suite and spent some time with them after the game. Mahomes Sr. described Travis and Jason as fun guys, noting that if people think Jason is wild, they should see Travis.

Mahomes Sr. has known Jason for a long time, and he considers Travis to be like another son to him. He also revealed that he and his family have sat with Swift at prior games, describing her as very nice, genuine, and down-to-earth. Mahomes Sr. admitted that he initially didn’t know how things would go when meeting someone as famous as Swift. However, she recognized him as Patrick’s father and even thanked him for allowing her to be in the suite, even though it was Patrick and his wife Brittany’s suite.

In conclusion, Mahomes Sr. hopes to enjoy the upcoming game without sitting with Swift and Jason. While he has had positive experiences with Swift in the past, he prefers to watch the game separately.