Pedro Pascal’s Epic Feud: Last of Us Star Censored for Diss at Emmys, Takes a Shot at Kieran Culkin

LOS ANGELES (AP) — “Last of Us” star Pedro Pascal took a jab at “Succession” actor Kieran Culkin during his appearance at the 2024 Emmys Awards on Monday. While presenting the award for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series, Pascal referenced his recent arm injury and humorously attributed it to Culkin. However, his comment was censored during the telecast.

The playful feud between Pascal and Culkin began earlier this month at the 2024 Golden Globes. Culkin won the award for best lead actor in a drama series for “Succession” and made a lighthearted comment directed at Pascal during his acceptance speech. Pascal, who was also nominated in the same category, retaliated with his own playful dig at the Golden Globes.

The Emmys nominations for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series included Pascal, Culkin, Brian Cox, Dominic West, Gary Oldman, and Jeremy Strong. Pascal’s onstage comment raised eyebrows but ultimately elicited a smile from Culkin, who initially appeared unamused.

Pascal’s injury, which he mentioned during his speech, occurred due to a fall, as he explained in an interview with the Associated Press. The actor revealed that the accident was a common occurrence and could happen to anyone.

The playful banter between Pascal and Culkin adds a light-hearted element to the awards season and showcases the camaraderie among actors in the industry. While their comments were meant in jest, the friendly rivalry has entertained audiences and generated buzz on social media.

Overall, Pascal’s comments at the 2024 Emmys and the ongoing feud with Culkin highlight the playful nature of awards shows and the camaraderie among actors in the industry. Despite the competitive nature of the events, these actors exemplify the ability to find humor and build connections within the entertainment world.

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