Peruvian Experts Debunk Alien Myth: Dolls Assembled with Animal Bones and Glue

LIMA, Peru (AP) — The mystery surrounding two doll-like figures and a three-fingered hand seized in Peru has been solved by forensic experts. Contrary to some beliefs that these objects came from extraterrestrial origins, experts from Peru’s prosecutor’s office have confirmed that they are not aliens. The objects, made with paper, glue, metal, and a combination of human and animal bones, were not assembled during pre-Hispanic times, debunking the idea of their paranormal origin.

Forensic archaeologist Flavio Estrada, who led the analysis, stated that the conclusion is simple: “They are dolls assembled with bones of animals from this planet, with modern synthetic glues.” These findings dispel any notions that these objects have extraterrestrial connections. The ownership of these figures has not yet been determined, but authorities have disclosed that a Mexican citizen was the intended recipient prior to the customs seizure in October.

This news comes after a previous incident in September involving Mexican journalist José Jaime Maussan and some lawmakers from Mexico. They faced international ridicule when Maussan presented two boxes containing alleged mummies from Peru, claiming they were “non-human beings that are not part of our terrestrial evolution.” However, a report by the Peruvian prosecutor’s office in 2017 had already discovered that these supposed alien bodies were actually “recently manufactured dolls.”

During a press conference, experts exhibited dolls dressed in vibrant clothing, measuring 2 feet in length, and clarified that the bones used in their construction belonged to birds, dogs, and other animals. Additionally, an X-ray examination was conducted on the three-fingered hand, revealing that it was poorly constructed using human bones.

In conclusion, the forensic analysis conducted by Peru’s prosecutor’s office has firmly established that the aforementioned objects are not extraterrestrial. They are merely dolls fashioned with bones, both human and animal, from our own planet. This discovery debunks previous claims about their paranormal origin and emphasizes the importance of careful analysis and critical thinking when encountering unusual artifacts.