Philadelphia Health Officials Urge Vaccination and Quarantine Amid Measles Outbreak

Philadelphia health officials are urging residents to get vaccinated and follow quarantine orders in response to an outbreak of measles in the city and surrounding area. At least eight people have been diagnosed with measles so far, and the number of confirmed cases has remained steady since Monday.

According to Philadelphia Health Commissioner Cheryl Bettigole, the spread of the virus can be attributed to people declining vaccination and failing to adhere to quarantine recommendations. The outbreak began when an infected baby was admitted to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in December. Three other patients who were not immune to measles were exposed and later tested positive during their stay at the hospital.

The virus continued to spread at a day care center after a child with a confirmed case of measles was dropped off, ignoring quarantine orders. At least two children at the day care tested positive for measles after visiting health care centers in the area, leading to further community exposure. Three more children at the day care also tested positive, with two of them requiring hospitalization.

Health officials have released a list of locations where people may have been exposed to the virus on specific days and times. It is estimated that about 90% of people who have close contact with an infected person will contract measles if they are not immune. While 93% of children in Philadelphia are vaccinated against the virus, it remains dangerous for immunocompromised individuals and infants too young to receive the vaccination.

Symptoms of measles include fever, runny nose, cough, and puffy eyes, followed by a rash. The city advises anyone who suspects they may be infected to contact their healthcare provider before going to a public office to prevent potential exposure.

In conclusion, Philadelphia is facing an outbreak of measles, with at least eight confirmed cases. Health officials are urging residents to get vaccinated and follow quarantine orders to prevent the further spread of the virus.