Preparing for Cold: MoDOT and MSHP Gear Up as Winter Storm Hits Missouri

ST. LOUIS – Road crews and law enforcement in Missouri are preparing for a winter storm that is expected to bring hazardous conditions to the area. MoDOT’s Transportation Management Center is closely monitoring roadways for any potential issues as wet roadways pose a risk to drivers. MoDOT officials have stated that they will have a full staff on duty, ready to work 12-hour shifts to address storm operations. The storm is expected to continue until its impacts subside. IDOT and Illinois State Police are also prepared to respond if necessary.

One challenge with this storm is the inability to pretreat roadways due to the rain washing away any treatments. MoDOT cautions drivers to slow down and be cautious while driving during rush hour. Their concerns include vehicles sliding off into ditches, leaving drivers stranded in the cold weather without heat. The extremely low temperatures following the storm are a major concern for both MoDOT and the patrol.

In summary, road crews and law enforcement in Missouri are fully prepared and staffed to tackle the winter storm and its aftermath. Drivers are urged to exercise caution and be aware of the hazardous conditions on the roadways. The cold temperatures following the storm are also a significant concern.