Preventing a Civil War: Groundbreaking Documentary Reveals Ominous Training Exercise for 2024 Presidential Election Certification

Park City, Utah – A new documentary film, titled “War Game,” premiered at the Sundance Film Festival this week. Directed by Jesse Moss and Tony Gerber, the film follows a training exercise in which veterans and government officials simulate an attempt to disrupt the certification of the 2024 presidential election. The exercise takes place on the second anniversary of the January 6 riots, highlighting the possibility that the nation may not be adequately prepared for future threats to democracy.

The simulated insurrection in “War Game” is led by a fictional paramilitary group called the Order of Columbus, which is comprised of members from the Oath Keepers and QAnon. The group activates factions within the U.S. military itself, creating confusion about who is loyal to the incumbent president. The film raises important questions about the role of social media in spreading disinformation and rallying insurgent forces. Mark Zuckerberg’s platform is eventually called upon to address the situation, highlighting the power of social media in shaping political events.

One of the most captivating aspects of “War Game” is the tension between interventionist forces pushing for decisive action and those advocating for a more cautious approach. The film explores the danger of underreacting to threats and the potential for military coups to arise. It also examines the long-term consequences of invoking the Insurrection Act, which allows the president to use the military to enforce the law, raising concerns about future abuses of power.

The participants in the training exercise, including former Montana Governor Steve Bullock and former North Dakota Senator Heidi Heitkamp, provide valuable insights into the challenges faced by government officials in moments of crisis. They highlight the real-world consequences of undermining faith in the electoral process and the need for acknowledgment and action in combatting extremist elements within the military.

“War Game” creates a sense of urgency by compressing the simulation into a six-hour time frame. The film emphasizes the speed and complexity of potential threats to democracy, and the need for swift and decisive action to mitigate the risk of civil war. As the tension mounts, the film warns against a failure of imagination in addressing these risks, urging viewers to confront and address the reality of the threats we face.

Overall, “War Game” is a thought-provoking documentary that challenges viewers to imagine and confront the potential dangers to our democratic system. The film serves as a reminder of the fragility of democracy and the importance of continued vigilance and preparedness to protect it from internal threats.