Prime Video’s Reacher Season 2 Soars to No. 2 on Nielsen Streaming Charts with 1.7B Minutes Viewed

Los Angeles, CA – Amazon’s “Reacher” series on Prime Video has once again captured a significant audience, reaching No. 2 on the streaming charts according to Nielsen. The first two episodes of Season 2 garnered 1.7 billion minutes viewed from December 11 to 17. This level of interest is similar to the release week of Season 1, which consisted of all eight episodes dropping at once. While Nielsen does not provide data separated by season, it is likely that a significant portion of the viewership for “Reacher” in December came from Season 2. With this level of viewership, it is expected that “Reacher” will remain on the Nielsen charts for several weeks.

Netflix’s “Leave The World Behind” maintained the top spot for another week, accumulating almost 2 billion minutes viewed. In its first 10 days on Netflix, the series has reached a total of 3.3 billion viewing minutes. The thriller has the potential to join Netflix’s most popular films list, possibly displacing “Extraction 2” from the top 10. It seems that “Leave The World Behind” will continue to perform well on the Nielsen charts.

“Young Sheldon” also continues to attract a significant viewership, with 1.4 billion minutes viewed since its arrival on Netflix. This exemplifies how Netflix has the ability to amplify titles in a way that other streaming platforms cannot. “The Crown” claimed the fourth spot with 1.2 billion minutes viewed, following the release of its final installment. Rounding out the top five is “My Life With The Walter Boys,” another series that has joined the billion minute club on Netflix.

The full top 10 list includes titles from various streaming services, with the corresponding number of episodes and minutes viewed. As audience interest continues to surge for these shows, it is clear that streaming platforms like Amazon and Netflix hold significant influence over viewership trends.

In conclusion, Amazon’s “Reacher” series has achieved impressive viewership numbers with its Season 2 release, securing the second position on the streaming charts. Netflix’s “Leave The World Behind” remains at the top spot, while “Young Sheldon,” “The Crown,” and “My Life With The Walter Boys” also attract strong viewership. These numbers highlight the power of streaming platforms in shaping audience preferences and consumption habits.