Prince Harry and Prince Andrew Forbidden from Acting on Behalf of King Charles III: Buckingham Palace Announcement

London, England – Buckingham Palace has announced that Prince Harry and Prince Andrew will not be able to act as Counsellors of State in place of King Charles III during his upcoming hospitalization. The 75-year-old monarch is scheduled to undergo a planned procedure to treat his enlarged prostate, though his condition is benign. While King Charles will still be capable of fulfilling his constitutional duties during his absence, he has been forced to cancel all public engagements.

The role of a Counsellor of State is to stand in for the monarch in the event of incapacity and act on their behalf. However, since Prince Andrew and Prince Harry are not working royals, their eligibility to fulfill this role has been nullified after Charles ascended the throne following Queen Elizabeth’s death.

According to the Times of London, only working members of the royal family will be called on to act as Counsellors of State, as stated in a previously unnoticed statement during a bill reading in the House of Lords. This decision has been deemed a sensible solution by royal expert Dickie Arbiter, who believes that the busy Parliament cannot remove members from this position.

The bill, which was passed in December 2022, officially made Princess Anne and Prince Edward Counsellors of State, enabling them to carry out constitutional duties for their elder brother in certain circumstances. However, Prince Andrew’s eldest daughter, Princess Beatrice, is also ineligible for this role as she is not a working royal. Despite this, she often attends events with the royal family.

This situation of having five key members of the royal family unavailable at once is rare and unprecedented. Prince William, who is currently in good health, has chosen to step back from public engagements to care for his children while his wife, Kate Middleton, recovers from abdominal surgery in the hospital.

The royal family is expected to resume their public duties in mid-February, and it is believed that King Charles will make a swift recovery.