Prince Harry Joins Aviation Legends at Awards Gala, Lauren Sánchez Gushes Over Meeting Him Backstage

LOS ANGELES – Lauren Sánchez, the fiancée of Jeff Bezos, praised Prince Harry and other winners at the Living Legends of Aviation awards in Los Angeles on Friday night. Sánchez, a helicopter pilot who received an aviation award at the ceremony, shared a photo on Instagram showing her, Bezos, John Travolta, and Harry backstage.

In her Instagram post, Sánchez described the group as “aviation legends who have shaped the history and future of flight.” She expressed her honor to be in their presence and highlighted the contributions they have made to the industry.

The ceremony recognized the achievements of individuals who have significantly impacted the aviation field, and Sánchez was among those lauded for her work as a helicopter pilot. She owns an aviation filming company called Black Ops Aviation, which she founded in 2016.

Prince Harry, who previously served as a helicopter pilot in the British army in Afghanistan, was also honored at the event. Despite not having flown for almost a decade, he was declared a “living legend of aviation” and received an award for his humanitarian efforts, military service, mental wellness advocacy, and environmentalism.

While Sánchez praised Prince Harry in her Instagram caption, she may have also been referring to her fiancée, Jeff Bezos, who founded the space exploration company Blue Origin. Bezos, worth $174 billion, was inducted into the Living Legends of Aviation organization in 2019.

During the ceremony, John Travolta, himself a pilot, reportedly played a role in Prince Harry receiving the award. However, the prince’s nomination had provoked controversy, with some military pilots suggesting it was unearned.

Overall, the Living Legends of Aviation awards celebrated the achievements and contributions of individuals who have shaped the history and future of flight. The event recognized both established figures and rising stars in the aviation industry, inspiring future generations and highlighting the impact of their work.