Quarterback Will Rogers Enters Transfer Portal Again, Leaving Washington’s Quarterback Room in Turmoil

Washington quarterback Will Rogers has entered his name in the transfer portal for the second time within the past two months. After transferring from Mississippi State on November 27, Rogers decided to transfer to Washington on December 15. However, his plans were disrupted when Washington head coach Kalen DeBoer accepted the Alabama head coaching job, leaving Rogers uncertain about his future.

This turn of events puts Rogers in a position to transfer once again, taking advantage of a temporary restraining order that allows college athletes who have previously transferred to be immediately eligible. The NCAA recently announced that players who transfer multiple times will be eligible in the 2024 season as long as they transfer before the end of the 2023-24 academic calendar. Therefore, Rogers has the opportunity to move to a new school without any penalties.

Rogers was already enrolled at Washington and even attended the national championship game against Michigan. He was expected to become DeBoer’s replacement for outgoing quarterback Michael Penix Jr. However, with DeBoer’s sudden departure, Rogers finds himself back in the transfer portal, searching for a new home.

The quarterback’s decision to transfer again adds to the growing number of Washington players entering the transfer portal. Jabbar Muhammad, Mishael Powell, Ethan Barr, and Tre Watson are among the other players from the team who made the move. This exodus of players could pose significant challenges for Washington’s future, especially considering the loss of both Penix and Dylan Morris, who also entered the transfer portal.

Washington’s quarterback room is now facing uncertainty, with limited options available. While the staff has signed four-star recruit Austin Mack, the team lacks experience at the position if Rogers decides to leave.

In summary, Washington quarterback Will Rogers has entered the transfer portal for the second time, following his initial transfer from Mississippi State. With the departure of head coach Kalen DeBoer, Rogers finds himself uncertain about his future. However, he has the opportunity to transfer without penalties thanks to a temporary restraining order and the NCAA’s recent eligibility rules. Rogers’ decision adds to the growing number of Washington players in the transfer portal, leaving the team with limited options at the quarterback position.