Rachel McAdams Hilariously Parodies Herself in SNL Skit with Jacob Elordi

New York City – Rachel McAdams made a memorable appearance on “Saturday Night Live” (SNL) last weekend. The Canadian actress, known for her roles in movies such as “The Notebook” and “Spotlight,” showed off her comedic skills in a skit that poked fun at her own name and likeness.

In the skit, McAdams played an aspiring actress named Natalie Partman, who constantly gets mistaken for the real Rachel McAdams. Not only does she share a similar name, but she also bears a strong resemblance to the famous actress. The sketch highlighted the challenges Natalie faces in Hollywood where she struggles to stand out among other well-known actresses.

During the skit, host Jacob Elordi, known for his work in the hit show “Euphoria,” joins the scene as a successful actor hoping to inspire confidence in the young actors. Elordi’s character expresses surprise when he sees McAdams, thinking that the real Rachel McAdams is there. However, Natalie quickly corrects him and reveals that she started an OnlyFans account to make money.

Natalie goes on to share her legal troubles, explaining that she was sued by the real Rachel McAdams for allegedly deepfaking her. Seeking advice from Elordi’s character on succeeding in the industry, she is met with skepticism when asked if she considers herself a better actor than McAdams.

Bowen Yang’s character, an acting coach, adds to the humor by stating that Natalie is not better than McAdams. As the scene progresses, the students perform scenes from movies they have prepared for feedback. Natalie’s choice of a scene from “The Notebook” elicits a groan from the coach.

The skit showcased McAdams’ talent for comedy, allowing her to step away from her more serious roles. It provided a lighthearted and self-aware look at the challenges faced by aspiring actors and the confusion that can arise when famous names and appearances collide.

Overall, McAdams’ SNL appearance was well-received and showcased her versatility as an actress. With her comedic timing and ability to laugh at herself, she proved once again why she is a beloved figure in the entertainment industry.