Rajamouli’s Epic Film with Mahesh Babu Promises Adventurous Global Locations and High Budget

Film director Rajamouli is currently in the pre-production stage of his upcoming project, which will feature popular actor Mahesh Babu. Following a similar approach to his previous film, RRR, Rajamouli is diligently working on this movie. He is taking measures such as completing a significant portion of the work at a single location and setting up multiple sets simultaneously to save time. Additionally, he plans to organize a media meet to disclose project details before or after the movie commences. Interestingly, Rajamouli is also considering casting a foreign actress for this film.

While the names of potential actresses have not been revealed, sources suggest that an Indonesian actress is among the contenders. However, there are already indications that the film’s budget will exceed that of Rajamouli’s previous blockbusters, the Baahubali series and RRR. Therefore, efforts are underway to explore ways to reduce costs and tap into additional market avenues.

To facilitate this process, a dedicated team is actively searching for new avenues. Building upon their experiences from the shooting of RRR, it appears they are following a similar approach. Although a significant portion of the shoot is expected to happen locally, foreign locations will also be required. However, the team seems to be prioritizing the completion of green mat work before venturing overseas.

Producer KL Narayana is making a comeback to film production after a significant hiatus with this project. His involvement adds another layer of anticipation to the film. As the pre-production work continues, fans eagerly await further updates about the cast, shooting locations, and other details.

In summary, the pre-production work for director Rajamouli’s upcoming film, featuring Mahesh Babu, is progressing smoothly. Adopting a similar approach as he did for his previous film, RRR, Rajamouli is taking various measures to ensure timely and cost-effective execution. The inclusion of a foreign actress and the potential for exploring new market avenues add further intrigue to this highly anticipated project.