Rapper Millyz Spotted with Freddie Gibbs’ Ex-Girlfriend After Diss Track Release

BOSTON, Massachusetts – Rapper Millyz has stirred controversy as he was spotted spending time with the ex-girlfriend of Freddie Gibbs, shortly after she released a diss track targeting the ESGN rapper. The Massachusetts native took to Instagram to share a series of provocative photos with adult film star Destini Fox, who is also known as The Fit Mami. The images depicted Destini licking Millyz’s shaved head and the rapper playfully putting his fingers in her mouth. These posts immediately garnered attention and speculation.

In one of the captions, Millyz referred to The Fit Mami as his “treacherous lil twin.” The Fit Mami also joined in on the social media frenzy by sharing a video in which Millyz grabs her head. The pair’s closeness and unconventional display on social media have only heightened curiosity.

The Fit Mami, who shares a child with Freddie Gibbs, had recently dropped a diss song titled “New Baby Mama,” aimed directly at the rapper. In the track, she criticizes Gibbs and accuses him of being a “bum” and “deadbeat dad.” She makes reference to her claims that Gibbs “ghosted” her after she became pregnant.

Notably, The Fit Mami also took the opportunity to mock Gibbs regarding his altercation with Benny The Butcher’s entourage in 2022, claiming that he was “bitch slapped.” The diss track showcases her lyrical disdain for Gibbs, with lyrics that highlight his alleged deceit and abandonment.

Interestingly, Millyz has worked closely with Benny The Butcher, Gibbs’ Griselda rival. They have collaborated on multiple songs, including “Kobe Season,” “Benny Blanco,” and “Uncomfortable.” This connection between Millyz and Benny The Butcher adds another layer of intrigue to the situation.

Freddie Gibbs has yet to respond to Millyz’s interaction with his ex-girlfriend, but fans and the hip-hop community eagerly await his reaction. The social media drama surrounding this love triangle has generated significant buzz within the industry.

Amidst the ongoing controversy, it is worth noting that Millyz and The Fit Mami’s provocative display on social media has incited curiosity and speculation. Their actions and associations continue to captivate fans, raising questions about the dynamics between these individuals and the potential fallout. As the situation unfolds, the attention remains on the choices and actions of these key players in the hip-hop industry.

Therefore, it will be interesting to see how this love triangle develops and whether Freddie Gibbs will choose to address the situation publicly. For now, the music world remains abuzz with rumors and theories surrounding Millyz, The Fit Mami, and their connections to Gibbs and Benny The Butcher.