Ratings Soar as MBC’s Knight Flower Premieres to Stellar Start in Joseon Era Action-Comedy Drama

SEOUL, South Korea – MBC’s new action-comedy drama, “Knight Flower,” has made a powerful debut, captivating audiences in the Joseon era. Starring Honey Lee as Jo Yeo Hwa, the virtuous widow leading a secret double life, the show premiered on January 12 and quickly claimed the top spot in ratings. Drawing in viewers with its thrilling storyline, the first episode of “Knight Flower” achieved an impressive nationwide rating of 7.9 percent, making it the most-watched drama on Friday and Saturday nights. Notably, the premiere ratings for “Knight Flower” are the highest of any MBC Friday-Saturday drama since 2021.

In contrast, SBS’s “My Demon,” which airs during the same time slot as “Knight Flower,” garnered an average nationwide rating of 3.6 percent. This stark difference in ratings reflects the strong appeal and popularity of the new MBC drama.

“Knight Flower” is set in the historical backdrop of the Joseon era, adding an intriguing twist to the action-comedy genre. With its combination of suspense, humor, and intricate character development, the drama offers a refreshing and captivating viewing experience. As viewers tune in to witness the secret life of Jo Yeo Hwa unfold, the show continues to gain momentum and build anticipation for the upcoming episodes.

The success of “Knight Flower” not only lies in its engaging storyline but is also attributed to the exceptional performances by the cast and the high production quality. Honey Lee’s portrayal of Jo Yeo Hwa has received acclaim for its depth and authenticity. The talented ensemble cast, along with the meticulous attention to detail in the set design and costumes, further enhances the immersive experience for viewers.

As the premiere ratings prove, “Knight Flower” has struck a chord with audiences, attracting a dedicated following. Fans and viewers eagerly await the next episodes of the drama, eager to delve further into the captivating world of Jo Yeo Hwa’s secret exploits.

In conclusion, MBC’s new drama “Knight Flower” has achieved remarkable success, securing the highest premiere ratings for any MBC Friday-Saturday drama since 2021. The show’s captivating storyline, exceptional performances, and high production quality have garnered widespread praise and a devoted fan base. As the drama continues to unfold, viewers eagerly anticipate the next thrilling chapters in Jo Yeo Hwa’s double life.