Raw and Intoxicating: Documentary Sheds Light on Addict Turned Photographer’s Turbulent Journey

Bradford, England – Lanre Fehintola, a former photojournalist, has released a captivating documentary that spans over 25 years of footage. The film, directed by his friend Leo Regan, chronicles Fehintola’s journey from documenting addicts in Bradford to becoming one himself. Despite his struggles with addiction and time served in prison, Fehintola never abandoned his passion for photography, which he credits with saving his life.

Regan’s latest film about Fehintola showcases the remarkable energy and charisma that the young photographer possessed. The documentary begins in the present day, as Fehintola grapples with a recent diagnosis of lung cancer. Doctors have given him just six months to live, yet his spirit remains unyielding. In the 1990s, Fehintola and Regan were young, idealistic photographers in London, who fully embraced Robert Capa’s mantra: “If your photos aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.” However, Fehintola’s photojournalism work in Bradford led him down a dangerous path. Naive and reckless, he started using hard drugs, claiming it was for research purposes. Little did he know he would become ensnared in addiction.

The complexity of Fehintola’s life story unfolds in Regan’s documentary. From his troubled childhood and challenges in a children’s home to his battles against racism and authority, Fehintola’s spirit shines through. Even in moments of despair, such as when he undergoes the agonizing process of detoxing from drugs, Fehintola’s magnetic personality remains. The film creates a warm and intimate portrait of a man determined to confront his demons and find redemption.

“My Friend Lanre” is a powerful testament to the enduring friendship between Fehintola and Regan. It showcases the transformative power of photography and storytelling, reminding viewers of the potential for healing and connection that can be found in the darkest of circumstances. The documentary will be released in UK cinemas on January 29th and on Curzon Home Cinema on February 1st.