Reacher Season 2 Skyrockets with 1.69 Billion Minutes Watched, Dominating Amazon Prime Video

LOS ANGELES – The second season of “Reacher” has kicked off to strong viewership numbers, solidifying its position as one of the most popular shows on Amazon Prime Video. Based on Lee Child’s novels, the series racked up an impressive 1.69 billion minutes of watch time during the week of December 11-17. This includes the three episodes that premiered on December 15, as well as the eight episodes from the first season. The viewership for the second season is within 10 percent of the series premiere week in February 2022, when the entire season was released at once. Unlike the first season, the second season of “Reacher” is being released on a weekly basis after the initial three episodes.

With its strong viewership, “Reacher” secured the second spot in Nielsen’s streaming rankings for the week. Netflix’s movie, “Leave the World Behind,” maintained its position as the overall number one title with 1.95 billion minutes viewed, just edging past “Reacher” which had 1.69 billion minutes. Other popular titles included “The Crown” with 1.22 billion minutes and “Young Sheldon” with 1.43 billion minutes. Additionally, the young adult series “My Life With the Walter Boys” saw a 64 percent increase in viewership from the previous week, reaching 1.11 billion minutes.

In the movie category, “Barbie” made a strong entrance on Max, accumulating 518 million minutes of viewing in its first three days.

It’s important to note that Nielsen’s streaming ratings only cover viewership on TV sets and do not include minutes watched on computers or mobile devices. Furthermore, the ratings are specific to U.S. audiences and do not account for international viewership.

To recap, “Reacher” season two has achieved impressive viewership numbers, becoming one of the most-watched shows on Amazon Prime Video. With 1.69 billion minutes of watch time, “Reacher” secured the second spot in Nielsen’s streaming rankings for the week. The series premieres episodes on a weekly basis for the second season, after releasing the first three episodes together.