Reinventing Modern-Day Witches: TV Embraces Sassy, Sexy, and Dark Characters in 2024

Manchester, England – The year 2024 is shaping up to be the year of the witch, as television networks and streaming services prepare to release a slew of shows focusing on witchcraft. This new crop of shows is reimagining the traditional image of witches, replacing it with sassy, sexy, and dark characters.

One of the highly anticipated TV series is “Domino Day”, which follows the adventures of a contemporary witch named Domino in modern-day Manchester. Along with dealing with a mysterious coven on her tail, Domino also navigates the world of love and frequently uses dating apps to hunt for victims rather than finding her Mr. Right. The show is set to air on BBC Three and iPlayer later this month.

Another witch-focused TV series released recently is “Sanctuary: A Witch’s Tale”, adapted from VV James’ 2020 novel. This thriller series, set in a world where witchcraft is no longer hidden, is currently only available in the United States through AMC, with no scheduled release in the author’s native Britain.

“The Mayfair Witches”, based on Anne Rice’s popular book series, was a hit last year. The adaptation, released by the BBC, has already been renewed for a second season set to come out later this year. Marvel also joins the witchy trend with the upcoming series “Agatha: Darkhold Diaries”, featuring Kathryn Hahn reprising her role as the Marvel Comics witch Agatha Harkness, previously seen in “WandaVision”.

Saudis Arabia is also getting in on the witchy action with “Rise of the Witches”, a big-budget TV series based on the bestselling books by Saudi author Osamah Al Muslim. Set in pre-Christian times, the show is being touted as the biggest television series in Saudi history.

These portrayals of witches in modern popular culture stand in stark contrast to the traditional image of the witch with a pointed hat and bubbling cauldron. Filmmaker Emma Swinton is even looking to the past for inspiration, developing her short film “The Witch’s Daughter” based on the real-life Pendle witch trials of the early 17th century.

Overall, the current trend of showcasing witches on TV reflects a reclamation of the witch persona. The portrayal of witches is evolving from being feared and cruel to being empathetic and magical. Whether it’s through contemporary thrillers, popular book adaptations, or supernatural superhero series, witches are enchanting audiences like never before.