Rep. Adam Schiff Discusses Trump, Corned Beef Sandwiches, and America’s Future on Real Time with Bill Maher

LOS ANGELES, CA – Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) dismissed the notion that the snub of director Greta Gerwig and actress Margot Robbie from the Oscar nominations for the blockbuster film “Barbie” indicates America is a patriarchy. During an appearance on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher,” Schiff stated, “I don’t think you can judge that from ‘Barbie’ not getting nominated.” He made the comment in response to host Bill Maher’s question about the significance of the nominations snub.

The discussion then turned to the 2016 campaign of Hillary Clinton, as Maher attempted to draw a parallel between the two. Schiff quickly responded, “I would vote for a corned beef sandwich over Donald Trump. I don’t say that lightly, but at least a corned beef sandwich would have some intelligence and wouldn’t be a dictator on Day one.”

Schiff, who is a front runner for California’s open Senate seat after a full debate with the leading candidates, appeared on “Real Time” a few days after the Oscar nominations were announced. The critically acclaimed film “Barbie” received several nominations, including Best Picture, but Gerwig and Robbie were left out of the Directing and Best Actress categories. This has sparked outrage among many in the industry.

As a regular guest on “Real Time” and a vocal critic of Trump, Schiff is well-known for his opposition to the former President. He has been leading the Senate race in California since announcing his candidacy in January 2023. While the primary battle is fierce, Schiff is currently ahead of fellow Democrat Rep. Katie Porter and GOP contenders, including former Dodger Steve Garvey.

During the show, Schiff shared the panel with Democratic donor Seth MacFarlane and expressed his concern over Trump’s dominance in the 2024 Presidential race. He questioned how it was possible for someone with Trump’s track record to gain the nomination of one of America’s major political parties.

Schiff also took the opportunity to criticize Trump’s handling of various issues, including his attempts to cover up his affair with Stormy Daniels. He called attention to Trump’s hush money payments and pointed out the irony of Daniels being the only contractor who received payment.

Later on CNN’s “Real Time” after show “Overtime,” Schiff discussed the recent verdict against Trump in a New York defamation trial. He described it as “true justice” and emphasized the importance of going after Trump’s financial assets to bring about real accountability.

Schiff expressed confidence in Joe Biden’s ability to win the 2024 election, stating that America needs a President who is a decent human being and doesn’t mistreat others. He also addressed the immigration issue, commending Biden for taking ownership and making the case for Democratic proposals.

Throughout the show, Schiff’s wit and quick thinking were evident. He engaged in lively discussions with Maher and MacFarlane, drawing applause from the audience. With his strong stance against Trump and his ability to articulate his views, Schiff continues to be a prominent figure in California politics.