Revival of Iconic Reality TV Series ‘Simple Life’ Shut Down by Paris and Nicole Due to Busy Schedules and Evolving Lifestyles

LOS ANGELES – Fans of the hit reality show “The Simple Life” may be disappointed to hear that stars Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie have no plans to revive the series. In separate interviews, both Hilton and Richie addressed the possibility of a reboot.

Hilton, in a 2019 interview with Gay Times UK, revealed that she was approached to do a revival of the show but declined due to her busy schedule. However, she expressed that a reboot would be “pretty epic.”

Richie echoed Hilton’s sentiments in a 2020 interview with Entertainment Weekly, stating that the concept of the show would not work in today’s day and age. She highlighted the fact that during the show’s original run, they had no access to phones, which is not feasible in today’s society. Additionally, as both Hilton and Richie are approaching 40 years old and have responsibilities as mothers, they feel it would be difficult to leave their children for an extended period of time. Both stars acknowledged that the show was a fun experience, reminiscent of backpacking through Europe in their twenties.

“The Simple Life,” which aired from 2003 to 2007, followed Hilton and Richie as they navigated various blue-collar jobs and lived a life far removed from their privileged upbringing. The show gained a loyal fan base and was known for its comedic moments and the hilarious antics of its stars.

Despite the show’s popularity, it seems unlikely that fans will get to see the duo back on their screens anytime soon. Hilton and Richie have moved on to establish their own successful careers, with Hilton building a business empire and Richie focusing on her fashion and lifestyle ventures.

While the revival of “The Simple Life” may not be happening, fans can still indulge in nostalgia by rewatching old episodes. The show captured a unique moment in pop culture and remains a beloved part of television history.