Rey’s Return: Insider Reveals Exciting Details of New ‘Star Wars’ Movie and Daisy Ridley’s Payday

Los Angeles, CA – Lucasfilm’s plans for a new “Star Wars” movie featuring Daisy Ridley as Rey “Skywalker” have generated conflicting reports about its status. Speculation has circulated online that the project may have been indefinitely delayed, but these rumors have been debunked after Lucasfilm provided clarification. Insider Jeff Sneider has shed light on the upcoming film in his latest newsletter, sharing intriguing details about Ridley’s return and her impressive payday.

According to Sneider, the untitled Rey movie is set to be the second big-screen release after “The Mandalorian and Grogu.” Its expected release date is around Christmas 2026. Sneider also predicts that James Mangold’s “Dawn of the Jedi” film will follow in 2027, with Dave Filoni’s “New Republic” or “Heir to the Empire” movie potentially arriving as late as 2028.

Regarding Ridley’s compensation, Sneider reports that the actress will earn $12.5 million for her role. While this amount may not compare to the substantial sums earned by top Marvel Cinematic Universe stars, it is notable considering Ridley’s career experienced a decline after “The Rise of Skywalker.” This payment is reportedly higher than her usual quote.

Furthermore, it appears that Ridley may appear in more than one upcoming project. According to Sneider, she could also be involved in Shawn Levy’s mysterious “Star Wars” movie, potentially commencing after his work on “Deadpool 3.” Notably, Sneider suggests that this film might take place in a different timeline with an older portrayal of Rey. Previous rumors circulated that the role had been intended for Helen Mirren before Ridley agreed to sign on.

Directed by Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, the “New Jedi Order” film will be set fifteen years after the events of “The Rise of Skywalker.” Details about the plot are scarce, but Rey is expected to be depicted as a powerful Jedi master running her own training academy.

Lucasfilm’s Kathleen Kennedy revealed last year that substantial progress had been made on the film and that a script was being developed. However, it is worth noting the impact that the Hollywood strikes may have had on the movie’s progress.

The specifics of Lucasfilm’s return to the big screen within the “Star Wars” universe remain uncertain. However, official updates are expected to be announced soon, providing fans with more information on this highly anticipated project.