Rich Women Doing Things: Annemarie’s Lackluster Debut Raises Eyebrows

Los Angeles, California – In the latest episode of “Rich Women Doing Things,” the wealthy women didn’t exactly live up to their reputation. Instead of their usual extravagant activities, they gathered for lunch and engaged in unusual behavior like licking each other’s toes and demonstrating scissoring. The conversation revolved around shopping addiction, although they only spent $500 in a store but carried enough bags to fill an entire FEMA trailer. The episode lacked the usual luxury cars, petty arguments, and discussions about important topics like race and gender. It seemed that the only notable occurrence was the summoning of Kim Richards, TMC Faye Resnick, Camille Donatacci Grammer, and Teddi Mellencamp by repeatedly saying her name.

The focus of the episode was Annemarie’s belated birthday party in Ojai. However, Annemarie herself has yet to make a significant impact on the show. Despite being a full-time cast member, she has only appeared five times in 11 episodes. This has prompted speculation about her role and whether she deserves her position on the show. Comparisons were drawn to Eden Sassoon, a previous Housewife who brought more to the table despite having a limited presence. Even Crystal Kung Minkoff, who has been part of the show for three seasons without doing much, seems to be doing more than Annemarie. The lack of substance from Annemarie raises doubts about her relevance.

One of the issues on the episode arose when Annemarie made Sutton’s esophagus her main topic of conversation. However, during a discussion with Garcelle and Crystal, Annemarie denied insinuating that Sutton had an eating disorder, even though she had previously mentioned that doctors suggested it might be a sign. Her contradictory statements created confusion and a sense that she was trying to evade responsibility for her words. It almost felt like she was manipulating the situation to avoid directly addressing an issue she herself had raised.

Aside from Annemarie’s lackluster presence, there were a few notable moments in the episode. Garcelle had a heartwarming conversation with her teenage sons about sex education, emphasizing the importance of consent. Dorit also had a revealing therapy session with her husband PK, where they discussed her PTSD and their differing levels of understanding. The couple’s dynamic sparked curiosity, especially PK’s controversial remarks about the significance of Dorit’s traumatic experiences.

The episode also featured Kyle’s commemoration of her late friend Lorene, who died by suicide. It was a somber event that prompted reflections on mental health and personal struggles. Lastly, the presence of Morgan Wade, rumored to be Kyle’s love interest, added an intriguing element to the gathering.

Overall, the episode lacked the usual drama and excitement, with a few standout moments sprinkled throughout. Annemarie’s lack of engagement and contradictory statements cast a shadow over the episode, leaving viewers questioning her place in the show. It remains to be seen whether she can redeem herself in the second half of the season. Only time will tell if the upcoming episodes can elevate the overall quality of the show.

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