Rob Lowe Reveals Secrets to Staying Youthful: Plenty of Sleep and a Low-Carb Diet

Los Angeles, California – As Rob Lowe approaches his 60th birthday, the actor recently shared the secrets to his seemingly ageless appearance. Lowe, who was featured on USA Today’s “The Essentials,” revealed his lifestyle habits that contribute to his youthful looks.

Starting his mornings with a gratitude list and a prayer, Lowe emphasized the importance of getting enough sleep. While he didn’t disclose the exact number of hours he sleeps, he admitted to getting an “embarrassing amount” and stated that he wouldn’t pass up 12 hours of sleep if he could have it.

To ensure optimal sleep, Lowe even takes advantage of his black Cadillac Escalade SUV by reclining the seats and creating a comfortable sleeping environment. Equipped with an eye mask and noise-canceling headphones, he can easily doze off during long drives.

In addition to prioritizing rest, Lowe follows a low-carb, high-protein Atkins diet. Recognizing that he couldn’t eat like he used to in his 30s and maintain his physique, he has been committed to this diet ever since. Although he sometimes misses indulging in carb-heavy meals, he believes that you are only as good as what you eat.

Lowe also credits his youthful appearance to his sobriety. Having been sober for 33 years, he believes that abstaining from alcohol has helped him avoid unnecessary calories and bloating.

Starting his days on a positive note, Lowe begins with a gratitude list that always includes his family, their health, and his sobriety. As an actor and spokesperson for Atkins, he also expresses gratitude for his job and the ability to do what he loves.

Rob Lowe, known for his roles in “9-1-1 Lone Star” and “The West Wing,” is set to celebrate his 60th birthday in March. Married to his wife, Sheryl Berkoff, since 1991, they share two sons.

In conclusion, Rob Lowe’s ageless appearance can be attributed to his lifestyle choices, which include prioritizing sleep, following a healthy diet, maintaining sobriety, and expressing gratitude. The actor’s commitment to these habits has helped him maintain his youthful looks as he approaches his milestone birthday.