Robert De Niro Delights Fans with Heartwarming Photo of Baby Daughter Gia

NEW YORK – Award-winning actor Robert De Niro recently shared an adorable moment with his 10-month-old daughter, Gia. In a heartwarming photo obtained by Page Six, the 80-year-old star can be seen cuddling his baby girl, resting his cheek on her head with a loving smile. Gia, clad in a cute onesie adorned with musical squirrels, also sported a joyful grin.

In an interview with People, De Niro expressed his affection for his daughter, describing her as an “adorable baby” with a sweet nature. He also shared an amusing anecdote about the dynamics within his family, as Gia’s arrival made him a father for the seventh time at the age of 79. He remarked that his other children and grandchildren are enamored with her, referring to her as their aunt, even though they are approaching their teenage years.

Gia is De Niro’s child with his girlfriend, Tiffany Chen. In addition to Gia, De Niro has five other children: Drena, Raphael, twins Julian and Aaron, Elliot, and Helen. The actor also has four grandchildren, one of whom tragically passed away due to an accidental overdose at the age of 19.

Notably, De Niro spoke emotionally about Gia in an interview with AARP, remarking that everything else in his life fades away when he looks at her. He described the experience as “wondrous” and a source of immense joy. Talking to the Guardian, he offered a glimpse into his home life with Chen and Gia, acknowledging that he has taken a backseat in terms of the “heavy lifting,” with Chen taking on most of the responsibilities.

De Niro and Chen’s relationship began in 2021 after they met on the set of the film “The Intern” in 2015. Reflecting on their journey during an interview on “CBS Mornings,” Chen revealed that their initial connection was purely professional, but they reconnected years later and discovered a strong bond.

Before his relationship with Chen, De Niro was previously married to Diahnne Abbott from 1976 to 1988 and Grace Hightower from 1997 to 2018. The Academy Award winner’s latest addition to his family has brought him immeasurable happiness, with Gia being the center of his world.