Role Play Premiere and More: What to Watch on TV Friday, January 12, 2024

LOS ANGELES (AP) — On Friday, several highly-anticipated movies and TV series will be released, providing viewers with a wide range of options for entertainment. Among the notable releases are Kaley Cuoco and David Oyelowo’s new film, “Role Play,” Kevin Hart’s heist movie, and the season finales of “The Curse,” “For All Mankind,” and “Monarch: Legacy of Monsters.” Here are some of the must-watch programs for today.

“Role Play” featuring Kaley Cuoco and David Oyelowo is expected to be a major draw for audiences. The film follows the story of a couple who discover a unique way to spice up their relationship. Meanwhile, Kevin Hart stars in a thrilling heist movie that promises to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Fans of TV series will also have something to look forward to. “The Curse” is wrapping up its season, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating the show’s conclusion. The popular series “For All Mankind” will also air its season finale today, providing an epic conclusion to its gripping storyline. Additionally, “Monarch: Legacy of Monsters” will wrap up its season, adding even more excitement to the day’s lineup.

In addition to these highly-anticipated finales, there are several other programs worth checking out. From dramas to comedies, there is something for everyone. Be sure to consult the weekly TVLine-Up of premieres and finales to stay up to date on all the latest releases.

Overall, today is a great day for entertainment enthusiasts. With movies featuring A-list stars and TV series wrapping up their seasons, there is no shortage of captivating content. Make sure to tune in and enjoy all the exciting programs lined up for today.

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