Romance Drama ‘Welcome to Samdalri’ Achieves Highest Ratings Yet in Series Finale

Samdalri, South Korea – JTBC’s popular romance drama, “Welcome to Samdalri,” is achieving record-breaking viewership ratings as it approaches its series finale. On January 20, the show reached its highest viewership ratings yet, with an average nationwide rating of 10.4 percent for its penultimate episode, according to Nielsen Korea. This milestone marks a new personal record for the drama.

While “Welcome to Samdalri” continues to soar, other dramas experienced a decline in viewership ratings due to competition from the coverage of the AFC Asian Cup. SBS’s “My Demon,” for instance, concluded its series with an average nationwide rating of 3.5 percent, slightly lower than the previous night.

In the same time slot, MBC’s “Knight Flower” achieved a nationwide average rating of 7.9 percent for its fourth episode. Although it dropped out of the double digits, the new drama remained the most-watched MBC program on Saturday.

Despite the tough competition from the AFC Asian Cup coverage, KBS 2TV’s “Korea-Khitan War” retained its first place position in its time slot with an average nationwide rating of 9.5 percent.

TV Chosun’s new drama, “My Happy Ending,” maintained its personal best of 2.6 percent from its previous episode. Similarly, KBS 2TV’s “Live Your Own Life” continued to dominate as the most-watched program on Saturday, with an average nationwide rating of 17.6 percent.

As the series finale of “Welcome to Samdalri” approaches, its exceptional viewership ratings highlight the success and popularity of the romance drama. Fans eagerly anticipate the conclusion of the show, which has captivated audiences throughout its run.

In conclusion, JTBC’s “Welcome to Samdalri” has achieved its highest viewership ratings yet as it heads into its series finale. Despite tough competition from other programs and the AFC Asian Cup coverage, the drama has been able to captivate viewers and maintain a strong following. As fans eagerly await the final episode, the success of “Welcome to Samdalri” cements its status as a popular and beloved romance drama.