Rumors of Trouble for Steven Knight’s New Jedi Order Star Wars Film Debunked: Production Stays on Track

Los Angeles, CA – The forthcoming “New Jedi Order” Star Wars film is facing rumors and speculation about production troubles. According to reports, screenwriter Steven Knight’s latest draft of the script has met with significant resistance from Lucasfilm, leaving Knight contemplating leaving the project altogether to focus on the upcoming Peaky Blinders film.

However, sources with knowledge of the situation have refuted these claims, stating that Knight is still very much attached to the project as the writer. Additionally, they confirmed that the production is not “delayed indefinitely.” These rumors began circulating shortly after Daisy Ridley, one of the actors in the film, praised the pitch for the new Star Wars installment during a recent press junket. However, controversy also arose when social media users uncovered old comments from the film’s director. Despite this, Lucasfilm’s recent announcement of “The Mandalorian & Grogu” is not a cover-up for any alleged shake-up.

It has been clarified that the Jon Favreau-directed film will take precedence over the New Jedi Order film. While this could potentially cause a delay in the latter’s production, it does not imply an indefinite postponement. In October, it was reported that Knight was expected to submit his draft before the holidays. It is possible that Lucasfilm’s decision to prioritize Favreau’s film granted Knight more time to refine his screenplay. Another report from io9 indicates that Lucasfilm is operating as usual and anticipates receiving a new draft from Knight imminently.

No release date has been set for the film yet. Once Knight submits his draft and it gains approval, the company could enter pre-production in the following months, leading to a subsequent influx of news. Two theatrical dates, May 22 and December 18, 2026, have been reserved for Star Wars releases.

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