Ryan Edwards’ Girlfriend Slams Mackenzie Edwards on Social Media: Teen Mom Drama Escalates

In Hendersonville, Tennessee, the stars/former stars of the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise have had a busy week. To keep fans updated on the latest news from ‘Teen Mom OG’ and ‘Teen Mom 2′, The Ashley presents the Teen Mom News Pile.

Ryan Edwards’ current girlfriend and partner in crime, Amanda Connor, took to social media to slam Ryan’s estranged wife, Mackenzie Edwards. This comes after Mackenzie clarified in an interview with The Ashley that a video she posted of Ryan was old and they are not reconciled. According to Mackenzie, she and Ryan are not on speaking terms due to Ryan’s relationship with Amanda, as they find it disrespectful to their own relationship.

Amanda responded on social media, calling Mackenzie Ryan’s “almost ex-wife” and expressing that Ryan wants her now, not Mackenzie. She also emphasized that she doesn’t play internet games, ironically while writing on the internet.

Moving on to Nathan Griffith, the former Teen Mom 2 dad has strict rules for his probation following a strangulation court case. He is being monitored by Clark County, Nevada’s PCU and must pay a fine, complete the Specialty Court Program, and abide by counseling and curfew requirements. Nathan is also prohibited from using or possessing alcohol or drugs, must submit to searches, and must give his social media accounts and passwords to his probation agent.

Elijah Scott, Kail Lowry’s most recent baby daddy, is reportedly getting a vasectomy to prevent further expansion of the Lowry-Rivera-Marroquin-Lopez-Scott family. Kail plans to have her tubes tied as well, after having three children with Elijah and already being a mother to sons Isaac, Lincoln, Lux, and Creed from previous relationships. She also discussed her post-baby body goals.

Lastly, Ashley Jones from ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ is starting the New Year with a new attitude. She expressed her desire to mend relationships with her fellow cast members in an Instagram Q&A. Ashley acknowledged that 2023 was a challenging year for her and emphasized the importance of letting go of drama.

In conclusion, the stars of the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise are making headlines with their personal lives. Ryan Edwards’ girlfriend slams his estranged wife on social media, Nathan Griffith faces strict probation rules, Kail Lowry’s most recent baby daddy considers a vasectomy, and Ashley Jones aims to move past cast drama in 2024.