Ryan Gosling Expresses Disappointment Over Margot Robbie and Greta Gerwig’s Oscar Snub in “Barbie”

LOS ANGELES, CA – Actor Ryan Gosling expressed his gratitude for his recent Oscar nomination but also joined in the criticism over the exclusion of his co-star Margot Robbie and director Greta Gerwig from their respective categories. Gosling, nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his role in “Barbie,” questioned the omission of Robbie and Gerwig from the Best Actress and Best Director categories. Despite the controversy, “Barbie” received a total of eight nominations.

While Gerwig and Robbie were not recognized individually, they did receive nominations in other categories. Gerwig was acknowledged for her work on the adapted screenplay, alongside her co-writer and husband Noah Baumbach. Robbie, on the other hand, received a nomination as one of the producers for the film’s Best Picture category.

Notably, Gosling also took the opportunity to acknowledge his co-star America Ferrera, who received a surprise nomination for Best Supporting Actress. In a statement provided to CNN, Gosling expressed his honor at being recognized among such remarkable artists and highlighted the crucial roles played by Gerwig and Robbie in creating the history-making film.

Gosling praised Gerwig and Robbie for their talent, perseverance, and ingenuity, stating that their work should be acknowledged alongside the other deserving nominees. He emphasized the impact they made on audiences through their performances and their contribution to pushing cultural boundaries.

However, despite his disappointment at their exclusion, Gosling expressed joy for Ferrera and the other artists involved in bringing the groundbreaking film to life. He recognized their immense talents and the significant role they played in the success of “Barbie.”

As the Oscar nominations continue to generate debate and discussion, the recognition of various individuals and the exclusion of others reflects the subjective nature of the awards. While Gosling appreciates his nomination, he stands firm in his belief that the contributions of Gerwig and Robbie to “Barbie” deserve recognition in their respective categories.

The controversy surrounding the Oscar nominations draws attention to the need for continued acknowledgment and support for the work of women in the film industry. The impact of Gerwig and Robbie’s talents on “Barbie” cannot be ignored, and Gosling’s statement serves as a reminder of the vital role these artists play in shaping the industry and inspiring future generations.

In a year marked by exceptional films and exceptional performances, the omission of certain individuals from the nominations sparks an ongoing conversation about the criteria used to evaluate excellence in the industry. The statement from Ryan Gosling amplifies voices calling for a more inclusive and representative awards system, one that acknowledges the contributions of all deserving artists regardless of gender.