Ryan Gosling Responds to Barbie Oscar Nomination, Expresses Disappointment for Gerwig and Robbie Snub

Barbie’s Oscar nominations have sparked a response from actor Ryan Gosling. The renowned star expressed his honor at being nominated for Best Supporting Actor in the film and his disappointment that director Greta Gerwig and actress Margot Robbie were overlooked in their individual categories. The blockbuster film received a total of eight nominations, including Best Picture, but Gerwig and Robbie were not recognized for Best Director and Best Actress, respectively.

Gosling issued a statement conveying his gratitude for the nomination and his pride in portraying the character of Ken. He emphasized the importance of Gerwig and Robbie’s contributions to the film, stating that their talent, determination, and creativity were integral to its success. The actor expressed his disappointment in their exclusion from the nominations, emphasizing that their work should be recognized alongside other deserving nominees.

This sentiment was echoed by America Ferrera, who also voiced her disappointment regarding Gerwig and Robbie’s omission from the nominations. Barbie received nominations in categories such as Best Costume Design, Production Design, and two original songs. Gerwig and her co-writer and husband, Noah Baumbach, were nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay, while Robbie received a nomination for Best Picture as one of the film’s producers.

The Oscar nominations for Barbie brought unexpected snubs for Gerwig, Robbie, and other notable films that were left off the list entirely. The exclusion of films like Saltburn, a class satire, and Wes Anderson’s Asteroid City, surprised many in the industry.

As the buzz around this year’s Oscar nominations continues, it remains to be seen how the awards will unfold. The absence of certain films and individuals from the nominations has sparked conversation and debate within the entertainment industry. Stay updated with the latest news and developments regarding the Oscars.